Do you want to be like Jesus?

Do you want to be like Jesus?
People say they do… but he was hated, he was despised, he was rejected.
He was the scandal of God
He was crucified—sentenced to death.
He died an accused criminal.
He was accused of having demons
He was accused of working for satan

The anguish and pressure broke his heart. Blood and water flowed out of his pierced side indicating hydropericardium.

How did he resist buckling under the pressure of going down in history as a failure? There was no evidence otherwise…especially as he was being executed for blasphemy. Had he not spent time in prayer, in contemplation, in the desert, and in inner communion then he would have fallen into the temptation to believe the lie. After all, his accusers were supposedly holy men, and the authority on righteousness (right standing).

He couldn’t know what would become of him… neither of his his story or his work. Most of his followers had forsaken him. How could he know that he would become the model of love itself?

He couldn’t know by looking at the facts, if he hadn’t been shaped by a powerful resonant connection and attunement that he had with his God, his father, his friend, his Magdalene, his mother, his truest self. Because he allowed this shaping to take place he was able to trust the deep inner knowing that the cup that he was to drink was the hope of the world.

People will always try to name you, they will try to put a lot of things on you. You need to say, “hey, I am named by God. “ “I am a child of God.” “Only God can name me.”

If we have this attitude and belief then there is nothing that has power over us. God is supreme. God is the highest power. If we are named by God then there is nothing that can attach to us, because we belong to God. It is up to God to allow whatever or prevent whatever. I trust God to take care of me. I trust that I am good as I am and that I don’t have to worry about what anyone says. I don’t have to accept what people have tried to put on me.

FOR IT IS MY VERY REFLECTION Staring back at them, as a lifted mirror shows them what they hate about self and put on me, as a goat—when I am a lamb. I am both their shadow, in the valley, and the lilies that hover and cover it’s shallow gashes— but they also saw the eyes of their own within mine— so they seek. How can I be both ? The shadow and the savior? The message and messenger? The Christ and the devil, as ego’s evil twin. Human and divine; confusing and revealing. Madonna and the whore. Miriam, who IS the well; the lady at the well, who had much loving. Alpha and omega. Yin and yang. And you are all this as well— both. Female and male. Light within the dark—even I am the light that determines the vastness of the dark. I am David. The echo who knows what is there— what is true. But ironically lack the resources or vehicle it means with which to deliver its essence. I am magic within the mess. I am hated in every body. I am stared at. Loathed. Desired. Sought after. Hunted. Admired. Stereotyped. Longed for and Loved. Missed and mystified. Loved. Whole. Christ.

When we look into the true mirror, and spend time thinking about what God thinks about us we will start to see ourselves how we truly are.

The more transparent you become the less accurate feedback you will get from those who are unconscious of their shadow. Transparent…Like a mirror… people see their own reflection. As mystics and people called to do work here… we especially have to continually bring these things that are put on us that don’t resonate to God. Because if we carry them around they will cause confusion. To resonate is to be shaped by another and to trust is a deep inner knowing. Know his voice. We are shaped by sound not by sight. Can you hear the heartbeat of God. Draw close. Chesed.