Digging A Well

We spent our New Year’s Eve down inside our well, as we were trying to fix our frozen pipes. The symbolism of bringing in the new year while working in a well has a profound meaning—especially since we are working on a theory called “The Well Cord.”

A well is “a vein”, “a channel,” or “a cord” by which Life-Force comes into the world. Spiritually speaking, in order to dig a well and tap into this essential source of life we must remove the layers of earth, dig through our experiences, address our injuries, and uncover our emotions in search for quintessential waters of the soul, which is our truest self. This self is an actual part of God. We must dig deeper than desire, deeper than feeling, deeper than achievement, deeper than self-doubt, shame, and criticism, deeper than certainty, deeper than what’s expected, deeper than reason, and deeper than what we previously thought was possible…dig down to the selflessness at the core of the self. When your soul is uncovered…you are finally able to see what it is that you truly have. There are so many wonderful possibilities that are allowed to rise up to the surface when we love every part of our being and trust the source of our innermost potential.