God Happens

This thing we have called God, is another name for life itself. It is our breath, our life-force, and the essence of our deepest Self.

It is something that thing that flows between us, that moves within us, that circulates all around us.

God happens.

Whenever there is love, there is God. Wherever there is compassion, a struggle for justice, grace, forgiveness, empathy, connection, vulnerability, God is there. That thing that is emerging, what is unfolding, what is surfacing, materializing, manifesting, springing up in us, and even gushing out of us, is God.  God is relationship. God is a constant flow. You don’t need to understand it to participate in it. It just takes a little openness and a little vulnerability.

Jung called God, “Our Whole Making Instinct,” which drives every Soul to become what it is and all that it is.