Paradox of The Unfolding Soul

“Its all about allowing space to be moved by that which is unknown.”

Taking time to nurture the soul through creativity allows for an experience of “unfolding”; becoming the freedom, shaking loose the notion of inadequacy; releasing energy through expression of color, movement of limbs, intuitive poetry or writing with no apology or inhibition that fence in what is bursting to be set free.

Creativity holds the true self’s core essence of being. It’s the inner child’s numinous experiences within one’s mind, through the body, fired by the spirit to nurture the soul —before they were hushed and prohibited. It’s the portal to an inner vacation, that rather than disassociate when stressed or triggered, where one can access the truth of who they are—and further journey to who they are becoming. This is the path of the seeker of God/Wisdom. The unquenchable thirst for the meaning of who I AM is the human’s transformation through suffering into the divine Knowing.

Marion Woodman said “If you cannot spend one hour for your soul, then you are really in sorry shape.” One needs not be a delegated “artist” or prolific painter, or accredited dancer to express their soul.

Creativity is an open, trustworthy space awaiting the individual who is willing to walk into the unknown and expand their consciousness; one who sees a flicker of light and seeks its origin, only to find a mirror; a reflection of that light amplifying as the True Self emerges. Within this space their is no judgment, no rules, no good or bad, no limit and no concern for the approval or validation from others. It is a sacred space where God/Eternal Self/Soul can breathe freely, reenergizing the lifeblood of the Cord which revitalizes the body and mind. One understands that they are ever-connected to that which is indestructible, unseverable and they become unafraid of death.