Who is watching?

We exist in many parallel worlds. That is to say… who we think we are in this world is only but a small fraction of who we truly are. We cannot know our totality, our vastness, or our who we truly are in our fullness. We live simultaneously in other dimensions. This earthly existence is not our only life. We are not only who we are on earth in this lifetime that we are now conscious of… we are infinitely more.

This sort of thing is hard to wrap our head around. The language that we use to describe such phenomenon seems esoteric and not easy to understand. Words such as dimensions and parallel universes give us no starting point for our imagination. Imagination is the place where things are understood, mystery is unveiled, and things hidden are seen.

So, to feed your own imagination I will share with you what goes on in my experiences, imagination, and mind space… my window into other worlds, other lifetimes, and other dimensions.

Carl Jung had a dream that he saw a UFO (who knows whether it was a dream or that he really saw one and couldn’t yet say that he had). He thought that he was projecting the UFO. If we think of a movie projector… the projector device projects images on a screen. We watch the screen and not the projector. So, he thought that he was projecting this UFO… that it was coming from his own mind. Then… he had the realization that he was not projecting the UFO, but that the UFO was projecting him. In that moment he realized that he was the screen and not the source.

Let me explain from my own life…

I had a similar thing happen when I was very young. I’m not sure how old I was, but I was born on March 5, 1984 at 4:25 pm in Bellflower California. It was the day of a solar eclipse… so maybe I was two or three years old. I remember the day very clearly, it was like I was seeing the day through polarized glasses. We were picking oranges from my grandfather’s tree, and we watched the solar eclipse with his welding helmet. Afterward, I was sitting on the porch with my grandma and grandpa and I looked up…. I saw a flying saucer flying and then it stopped. There was a moment… a connection. I never said anything, but in my silence I knew that moment was profound and important. I have never forgotten that moment, even though I didn’t totally understand what it meant. A few years ago, I had a day where I could only describe it as cosmic. It was a day where this reality and the mystical reality beyond this one collided. I had many revelations and became conscious of how things in my life—even painful things—all connected together for my good, for my development, and for my life’s purpose. I pulled out my journal and began working through my emotion with tears and amazement at how I have been held and guided by a mysterious “something” throughout all of my life’s ups and downs. It was in that moment that I remembered the instance where I saw the UFO while sitting on the porch. However, this time, was different. I saw from a different angle. I saw my little girl self looking up at me. I saw saw my little hot pink jacket with blue stripes down the sleeves, my white shirt, my jean skirt, with my white and pink sneakers, with white lace socks. I could see my look of wonder combined with an inner sense of knowing—even though my little self could not yet comprehend that she was seeing herself in another realm, in another dimension… she had the inner knowing to hold the memory and the possibility of what it could mean. Looking down from the other end of that cosmic gaze was the more conscious part of that little girl. We could say… higher self… one of them… at least….the part of me who knew her, and knew she was me.

I chose this story to help us think about things both ordinary and extraordinary in a more connected way. I think that when people say that we are from the stars or that we are made of stardust it can sound trite or clichè. Most of us can’t connect to that… we don’t see the connection because we haven’t been moved by the stars in a way where they move back. Our generation hasn’t figure out that the reason why the ancients looked to stars and spoke to the sky was because the stars have a way of communicating to us. Not only are we moved, but they are moved, and they move. If you see a star and it resonates with you or catches your attention, focus on it, communicate with it in your heart and mind. See what happens… see what comes up for you. It may dance, or you might dance. You might tell it how beautiful it is… or you might realize your own beauty. It may or may not be something that you see with you eyes, but if you know the language of the heart then the lines of conscious communication will open wide.

We’ve lost our wonder because nature is no longer numinous to us. We don’t see stars and planets and animals and plants as having a consciousness compatible with our own. Animals and sometimes even plants have been able to slip under our radar and have an exchange and a relationship with us. In our age of reason, stars have been reduced to balls of gas and so we don’t consider that they hold consciousness and have the ability to not only be seen, but also to see. And what about our Great Mother Earth, who has given birth to us all, who adheres to seasons and times, who makes food grow and provides the raw materials for us to find our own way and become whoever it is we choose to be? Is she not alive? Is she not conscious?…or are we not conscious?

Let me take you back to the incident with the UFO when I was a child. Although I had the experience with the UFO, and I held that experience in my memory… I still pushed the experience in the back of my mind and kept it there until I was ready. In fact, for most of my life I didn’t even believe that UFO’s exist. If someone were to talk about aliens or UFO’s, I would have the typical eye-rolling reaction and think that person was a kook and a little off their rocker. UFO’s and extraterrestrials didn’t fit within my belief system… my very narrow fundamentalist belief system, which is why my higher self probably came to me in the form of a UFO. My view of reality would have to expand in order to incorporate what I saw. At a sensitive time in my development that other worldly experience imprinted within my young mind the possibility of expanding my awareness beyond the ordinary.