Video of Reading with Animal Intuitive Megan Sisk along with Jenni McCullum and Paityn Masters

I wanted to share an update about our magic cat. We lost our soul cat when our house exploded in January. This was a loss that hit us extremely hard and in so many different ways. It took about a month for me to catch my breath enough to be able to say anything about what happened. But when I was finally able to actually type what happened and post it, the response we received from you all was heart centered, full of compassion, and very healing. Thank you for responding with such care. Mourning directly touches the divine substance of compassion within each of us. Whenever we respond to each other with that kind of compassion—That is God. I wanted to share an update about what happened with our a little buddy. This is the first part of our session with Animal intuitive, Megan Sisk. I love you all. Thank you so much.