The Black Madonna — Intro

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I’m posting this video clip about the Black Madonna ( whom I affectionately call, Big Mama) because she’s been showing up in people’s dreams, in people’s consciousness, in encounters such as Marion Woodman talks about in this clip, and even in media like the movie/book “The Shack.”

“Although she takes many forms, this goddess—sometimes a Black Madonna or an Asian or Indian Madonna—always carries authority. She guides and advises and acts with absolute clarity;. She is blunt, neither indulgent nor sentimental. She demands embodiment. Living in the creative intercourse between chaos and order, she calls us to enter into the dance of creation” – Marion Woodman.

Dreams precede consciousness. The divine feminine is beginning to incarnate and the Black Madonna is the first incarnation of Divine Wisdom, Sophia.

“Historically, the masculine godhead has become a man, Christ. Incarnation has taken place on the masculine, not the feminine, side of development. But actually there was a germ or beginning of the development in late antiquity by which the feminine goddess should become a woman, and incarnation should not be only on the masculine side, but on the feminine side as well…. One can say that the incarnation of the feminine principle in a woman is still on the program for the coming centuries, and is beginning to become urgent today.” ⁃ Marie Louise Von Franz, The Golden Ass

There are “many faces” of God… and incarnation happens when when we finally see our own face, meaning we become conscious of the God within, and we embody the nature of of that divine energy, and live it out in the world .

We all know that Great Being that some call God, Source, Universe, Higher Self, YHVH, etc…. We know this Great Being is beyond our comprehension… and yet still desires to know and to be known. It’s a paradox. Meaning the mind can’t grasp it… we can’t think our way to this kind of Knowing. This kind of Knowing comes to us deep within the heart. It clicks. It’s ah ha! I see it! I feel it! It resonates. It vibrates. It’s chills down your spine. It’s goosebumps on your skin. Your body even knows it. It moves you. It connects you. It opens you up. It expands you. It centers you. It fills you. It makes you come alive. It is divine Knowing and it is your birthright.

Excerpt from Dancing in The Flames by Marion Woodman