Eden’s Flow

Eden’s Flow

◦ My heart. It is has been cracked open many times by betrayal, rejection, shock, grief, anguish, delight, wonder, awe, waters of flowing love, forgiveness and empathy. It knows no restriction.

◦ My heart been opened and taken advantage of and still it stays beating in the body of hope and resilience.

◦ My heart holds onto faith with a confidence lacking in my mind. I have given it to my soul and have lagged behind its strength in a marathon of dreaded miles my feet remain sore from journeying.

◦ My heart has ached and its deep color red has turned blue; first with the blood of my birth and subsequently with the periodic lowness of my states.

◦ My heart remains TRUE to what it inherently knows; with its brilliant exercise of fortitude and eons old wisdom.

◦ My heart sends me images and symbols of what can be experienced on earth and when it is doubted by self and others, it beats harder to reveal it hears what fools do not understand.

◦ My heart is music with a steady rhythm that has kept an infant in the dance.

◦ My heart knows the predation of men and alerts me with keen accuracy whe danger is lurking.

◦ My heart is a radar of information with waves of information flowing in and then flowing out so that the flow goes on.

◦ My heart has not questioned my stability and has not been destroyed by the warfare between my other chakras.

◦ My heart is green not with envy, but with the bright hue of the trees reaching arms toward the skies.

◦ My heart is Eden. It’s channeling the waters of four rivers that quench the thirst of many who are without water of their own. These rivers have delivered storks of renewal to familiar souls and strangers alike and provided invisible vessels to the seeds splitting to survive.

◦ My heart is the monad of my entire being and trusts my body to journey through immense suffering.

◦ My heart is more intelligent than my brain and knows the inner workings of my folly and my abilities.

◦ My heart is not swayed by the temptations of complexed demons who threaten its solidarity during its solitude.

◦ My heart works alone with my vitality and its workers are not enslaved but with volunteered energies that willingly arrive to aid its benevolent authority.

◦ My heart is the Queen of its kingdom and she is aware of all things dark and light; she contains peace and capacity for absorbing all the shame that causes my burden to weigh me down.

◦ My heart is omnipotent and fertile; its expansion rivals that of Jupiter, its cosmic and psychic homeland.

◦ My heart has many ancestors and will birth many descendants because it is ripe and ready to be impregnated all my days.

◦ My heart is a pillar of selenite crystal stone that keeps steady the feminine’s power to be patient whilst beaten and abused.

◦ My heart is shared on a feast table with those who know the splendor of digesting Truth and Love from God.

◦ My heart is pumping the liquid of libido and incarnated life force of Christ; my heart has the eyes to see and the ears to hear the call.

◦ My heart takes in the spirit of many swords and rejects the poison intended to annihilate its power.

◦ My heart feels the burn of the wands of fire when fellow hearts are shunned and torn from the encasement of Eve’s cage.

◦ My heart is the maiden of the triple moon goddess because it is the eternal virgin.

◦ My heart is the mother who nourishes the eight year old within and keeps her safe—assuring her resolve.

◦ My heart is the motherless orphan and the childless mother; it knows the emptying out of its will and ego will provide an abyss, never without void; always with a fractal of light.

◦ My heart rumbles with the infrarsonic vibration of the crone totem Elephant who has quietly dominated the region of drought and has lost generations of bulls who did not know to follow her guidance; she goes to the pools and mirages in the desert so her herd can take in experience and refreshment.

◦ My heart has a memory the equivalent in size to the elephant and it filters that which is unnecessary to recall, but keeps the shattered pieces to mend with a thread of Akashic foresight.

◦ My heart has survived the floods in the tsunami of the unconscious, keeping the breath of life with the walls of mutable flesh. It knows that inhalation of breath provides my body only minutes, but has the evolved wisdom to release the toxic molecules of inflation.

◦ My heart knows the history of perishing forms and knows to beat on until the soul is ascended and whole again.

◦ My heart sacrifices itself on the trunk of Mothers Rooted tree and spills its life force for the sake of worms needing sustenance.

◦ My heart is the unsinkable titanic; its enemy the frozen iceberg of the false ego and the hardening of rivers.

◦ My heart, Impaled in the vulnerable underbelly by the sharp edged swords of The Lie; down but never defeated by arrows flying undirected by the owners of the element of Air. It plays dead and wallows in the pangs of projections, but willingly endures.

◦ My heart knows renewal and remains on the hill of the ten of swords; wears the scars of the masters who humiliate their own souls and are enslaved by Saturn’s dark face.

◦ My heart knows the song of silence and the notes of shared connection.

◦ My heart is the cord and the well. It sings the melody of the sacred union of opposites; seeks and finds its harmony in its shadowed backside. Its rhythm has held the potential of an opera; the fat lady’s song must be expressed lest it implode out of fearing absent encore.

◦ My heart is the piston and the stamen. It is non-binary, androgynous and whole. It is Adam and it is Eve; reproduction involuntary, calling to hummingbird’s thirsty needles. It is the flower that knows not the light from the sun; but dark and from light of the stars. Growth is destiny and beauty within, its seed.

◦ Wheels of energy recognized by adjacent hues, colors that know blending, flowing, inviting, mixing is the key; to open to the acrylic box

◦ “See me!” cries yellow.

◦ “Hear me.” whispers indigo. “

◦ “Feel me!” urged orange. “

◦ “Tell me!” screams blue. “

◦ “Trust me!” coaxes red. “

◦ “Open me.” asks lilac. “

◦ “Follow me.” beguiles green. “

◦ “Be Me!” sings rainbow.

◦ A Choir—knotted cords of immortality. the eighth chord, again the first chord. “Trust me.” cajoles black purple serpent. “Release me.” beckons it’s cold blood. My heart begs. My soul awaits. My mind malfunctions. My body ages. My spirit anticipates; eternally young.

-jenni mccullum, 2023

“Incarnation” by P. Masters and j. McCullum