The word apocalypse means, “uncovering Of what has been hidden.” Psychologically, the apocalypse means the coming of the Self into conscious realization. It is a momentous, world-shattering event that is followed by greater wholeness. This apocalyptic event is already taking place right now. If one has eyes to see… one can perceive this unfolding of consciousness is already taking place both in the outer world and within the inner world of the individual psyche. The possibility of an encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence is more and more a  reality than science fiction. Apocalypse spells catastrophe only for the rationalistic, stubborn, non-spiritual ego because of the refusal to allow for a greater psychic authority other than itself. The enlargement of the personality and of the world begins with upheaval and darkness, then a widening of consciousness… a broadening of humanity into wholeness.

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