The dance is a religious element. The dance is one of the most essential elements of all ancient cultures and religions. The dances of primitive troubles are almost never just for fun, although they are also for fun. They always have a deeper, transcendent meaning. They are danced for the purpose of helping the sun rise, or helping dirties of fertility, or some other specific purpose. Dance represents or produces a cosmic rhythm. Another aspect of dance is human communion. Nothing brings people closer together, into a kind of communion spirit. Practically nothing expresses as close a psychic relationship as people dancing together. That’s why dance can be so restorative. It unified people in their feeling and in their spirit. Dance expresses the movement of life, and to dance in the right way would be to go along this movement, with the psychic movement of life. To dance with the devil is an archetypal motif. You can say this expresses negative possession. A religious archetype that is positive in itself can negatively affect those who aren’t up to meeting it in the right way. One must never forget that it is the very same archetype which in other connection of understood and assimilated without losing one’s humanness, is f the highest positive value.

      Dance is intimately linked with time, for when one dances one must continually “keep time” – maintain a rhythmical movement. One has to keep time from moment to moment with the movement of the Self in the process of individuating. When it becomes conscious, the Self established a whole new attitude toward time. It changes one’s conscious attitude from a static to a more flexible attitude toward time. One knows that one has to live from minute to minute in the right way and at the right time. 

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