Foot (see also Shoe)


     We know that from the story of Achilles that the heel is a particularly sensitive spot of the hero. First, the heel is on one’s back side; therefore it signifies a place where one does not see oneself very well— where one is unconscious of oneself. Such places are unguarded and vulnerable to evil forces. Secondly l, the heel has to do with the foot and therefore is associated with one’s standpoint.   

     Achilles help problems represents the mother complex, because it was the place where the mother held Achilles as she dipped him in the river. 

     A person’s Ways. 

      And the king, on entering to see his guests, saw a man there who had not robed himself in a WEDDING ROBE. And He said to him : “Friend, how did’st thou enter here, not possessing a WEDDING ROBE * * And he was as one tongue-tied. Then the king said to his officers : “Bind him hand and foot [in his works and ways]. Take him up and put him Outside into the outer darkness, where there is weeping and grinding of teeth [the Eating of hard experi ence]. For many are bidden, but FEW are chosen [for the MYSTERIA].” An allegory of the Kingdom of Heaven.—Matt. xxii. 11-12. [Omikron].

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