The troll destroys real values. Trolls often have no blood. If they had blood we can tend to think it is the blood he has sucked out his victims. He has the blood his victims lacking. The troll has stolen or attracted all life and emotion away from the human realm where it belongs, and thus brought people into a state of possession.  Trolls represent those things which represent those things that we cannot touch lest we lose ourselves. Like some people say, “I can’t do that because when I do that… I can’t stop.” The trolls’ many heads signify the undirected dissociative force of the emotions. 


People who are possessed, be it by some religious or political fanaticism or something else, are often physically pale. It is though they literally have no blood. And they certainly have no blood in the sense of having no warm feelings, no normal human affects. You cannot make them laugh, you can’t even make friendly contact with them. Their vitality is drained by their fanaticism. Therefore, they can’t enjoy life. They have no private life, no moments of joy, and because of that they lack enjoyment of life.  

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