Jenni McCullum & Paityn Masters

The intention of this website is to share with you what we have learned in our process of unfoldment along our journey of transformation. It isn’t easy to transform, especially because we have lost the language of the Soul in our society. The Ancient Mystery Schools, such as the Eleusinian Mystery schools have all but vanished, and religion has lost the numinous factor. Unhealthy religions based on power have used their position to control people rather than connect people. They use fear to keep people from following their own path to God and finding their own answers. Something always seems to go awry when people unanimously project their own inner authority on one individual. This has to do with power and its locus. Whenever the ego identifies with divine power rather than relating to it, the dark side of the godhead is activated and sacred symbols are taken literally and become profane reality . When literalized , spiritual power becomes excessive material power and wealth, and union with God is reduced to personal sexual license. Such inappropriate personal power would be cut off at its source if people would develop individual relationships with the God within. Connecting to the God within is what we are all about.

Folded within each of person is the whole entirety of the Cosmos. We have a direct link to all that is right here within us. There is a Cord that connects all of us together…it’s like an umbilical cord that connects all of our Souls to that Great Soul, which animates us all. That Cord is what we call the WellCord. It’s the idea that we’re never alone. That there is a Great Life beyond this temporary life. We might feel disconnected at times, but the Cord always has you. You couldn’t exist without it— the Cord connects you to your eternal Self. Your Self or True Self is who you are in God and who God is in you, as Mystic and Author, Richard Rohr puts it. We cannot know God or the nature of reality by thinking or through our intellect, and by making sense of facts by deduction and reasoning. We can only penetrate the surface of the Great Mystery through the heart. We must Know the God within, and Know real Truth from within. We all come to this world with the technology for connection built right within us.

The Great Mystery calls to us. It calls to us in our dreams, through metaphor, through illness, through neuroses, through relationships, through nature. You get the picture? The Great Mystery is always calling out to us. You know that painful yearning for love and connection? That gnawing incessant feeling in the chest that we try to satisfy with relationships, with medications, with material things. The truth is that we all have that yearning…. some call it The Great Yearning. The Great Yearning is put in each of us to lure us into The Great Mystery. The inner technology for finding the path to our True Self and for finding the meaning to our lives is built right within us… and it all begins with that yearning.

There is no defined path and there shouldn’t be. We all search for meaning. It is only in the search for meaning that we find meaning. However, it can get pretty lonely and discouraging at times. Soul making isn’t easy work. It’s work that most people don’t want to do and work that many people spend their whole lives avoiding. If you’re like us, there’s a path that’s written in your heart. Here are a few sign posts along the way that helped us during the Dark Night of The Soul. Some of us lose everything and give up our entire lives because of where the Soul leads us. Sometimes we feel like we’re going crazy, and some of us have even had diagnoses hang over our heads. We all lose our minds somewhere along The Way… the old mind is too small anyway. This is why we both left our conventional and convenient lives to follow the pull of our Soul, to follow the God within. We want to share some of what we have learned, and open a dialogue to learn from one another.

This website was born out of the Heart and Soul of connection, what it means to love, and what is it means to be alive

We hope to invite more like minded people, a community of Seekers, Wounded Healers, Mystics, Messengers, Prophets, Shamans, Etc. We are all here to learn from each other. No one knows it all…We certainly don’t., but we can come to know our own part. We hope to share our part and receive your part… exchange is the nature of the cosmos. We hope to eventually invite people to tell their stories and insights and create a place for our own. Currently, we are still working on figuring this all out… please be patient. We cannot wait to connect.

We are living our own mythology. It’s a crazy journey.

We follow the path of the Soul… we’re all still learning. Yet, P & J drawn natural gifts, each of them studied some form of spirituality or mysticism, each used gifts that they didn’t know they had, and each of them was drawn to psychology because of their mutual inner pull to understand the Soul and their role in healing. Psyche means Soul. It was in graduate school where their lives collided and the healing began.

Paityn Masters & Jenni McCullum

Paityn Masters and. Jenni McCullum
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