Video of Reading with Animal Intuitive Megan Sisk along with Jenni McCullum and Paityn Masters

I wanted to share an update about our magic cat. We lost our soul cat when our house exploded in January. This was a loss that hit us extremely hard and in so many different ways. It took about a month for me to catch my breath enough to be able to say anything about … Continue reading Video of Reading with Animal Intuitive Megan Sisk along with Jenni McCullum and Paityn Masters

Today, one month ago, our home in New Mexico exploded. A propane water heater malfunctioned, and caused a massive explosion that was so powerful it knocked us off our feet and ignited our home in flames. We scrambled to put on clothes and find our cat. We grabbed nothing because we spent every possible second … Continue reading

The symbolism of the Thief is not what you might think

I think people fear certain symbols in dreams and in even tarot readings. We apply our western judgements and morals to symbols and we fail to see that the potential that a symbol, such as, thief, devil, or death, for instance, might carry qualities that we need to integrate in our lives in order to … Continue reading The symbolism of the Thief is not what you might think

The Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales

The Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales by Marie Louise von Franz. I have little doubt that the secrets of the universe are coded in fairy tales. Metaphor, symbols, and dreams are the language of the Soul, and the Soul is life itself. True fairy tales that are passed down through generations are like a … Continue reading The Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales

The maiden King

I’ve returned to this book over and over again. This book was what introduced me to the Baba Yaga, the nature goddess, who lives in a hut that spins around dancing on a chicken leg. She is the dark side of The Good Mother. She does not tolerate anything inauthentic, she will gobble you up. … Continue reading The maiden King

The Crone

Excerpt from an interview with Marion Woodman - Conscious Femininity The feminine in many guides like the Black Madonna and the Crone is erupting in individuals.... The Crone ...I want to say one other thing about the feminine because the feminine always comes in threes: mythologically there are the three graces, the three Norns, the … Continue reading The Crone

The Boogey Man, Loneliness, and the “It”

Excerpt from Marie Louise Von Franz, the Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales One may wonder whether it is physical loneliness or spiritual or mental loneliness which seems to invite possession by evil. Personally, I would say both. In the stories I have told it is mainly physical loneliness, being alone out in the woods … Continue reading The Boogey Man, Loneliness, and the “It”

God Happens

This thing we have called God, is another name for life itself. It is our breath, our life-force, and the essence of our deepest Self. It is something that thing that flows between us, that moves within us, that circulates all around us. God happens. Whenever there is love, there is God. Wherever there is … Continue reading God Happens

Conscious Femininity

Excerpt: Marion Woodman   Creativity is divine! To me it is the virgin soul opening to spirit and creating the divine child. You cannot live without it. That's the meaning of life, that creative fire.      The child picks up that unspoken yearning, that unlived life, and the compulsive repetitiveness that expresses and escalates denial. … Continue reading Conscious Femininity

Gossip-A rose among thorns?

I looked up the term “gossip” recently, and I was surprised at the definition. Gossip noun casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true."he became the subject of much local gossip" verbverb: gossip; 3rd person present: gossips; past tense: gossiped; past participle: gossiped; gerund or present participle: gossiping engage … Continue reading Gossip-A rose among thorns?