Eden’s Flow

Eden’s Flow ◦ My heart. It is has been cracked open many times by betrayal, rejection, shock, grief, anguish, delight, wonder, awe, waters of flowing love, forgiveness and empathy. It knows no restriction. ◦ My heart been opened and taken advantage of and still it stays beating in the body of hope and resilience. ◦ … Continue reading Eden’s Flow

I come from nothing.

Recently, I saw a program with Stephen Hawking discussing his theory on Black Holes. Prior to this, I didn’t know very much about Stephen Hawking or his theories, because I assumed I wasn’t going to understand what he was talking about. But then… something really strange happened… it was kinda unbelievable…and it totally tripped me … Continue reading I come from nothing.

Vulture as Symbol of The Great Mother

We encountered these two magnificent vultures while we were camping out in the middle of no where. They stayed nearby us, perched on these telephone/power lines the entire time we were there, as if they were watching over us. Other than crows, the vulture is my favorite bird. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder why … Continue reading Vulture as Symbol of The Great Mother

The Two Travelers

I recently injured my ankle and In my search for symbolism of the foot I thought of one of my most favorite fairy tales called the two travelers. As, I like to share my research… I have included this fairy tale as told by Marie Louise Von Franz, The Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales. … Continue reading The Two Travelers

Women’s Initiation Dreams

I recently came across a book by Jungian Analyst, Eve Jackson called, “Food and Transformation.” In this book, she describes the symbolism of food and consciousness. In her book, she describes an initiation dream that has become more and more common among women. This dream is a beautiful example of the way our dreams communicate … Continue reading Women’s Initiation Dreams

 Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying

Excerp from Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied amd the Envying By Ann Ulanov Envy is an emotion we all know about, scholars, psychoanalysts, and theologians included, but we rarely talk about it, and very little is written about it. The reason for this silence is the painful, searing effects of envy. It burns into us … Continue reading  Cinderella and Her Sisters: The Envied and the Envying

The agony of integration and the blessings of finitude – facing ‘extinction points’ and moments of madness

By Ann Ulanov, This paper explores the inevitable pain that integration requires in our individuation process. The unspeakable agony we defended against in order to survive we now experience consciously, including moments of going out of existence at the core of our madness. Clinical examples are given of these ‘extinction points’ and the abject helplessness … Continue reading The agony of integration and the blessings of finitude – facing ‘extinction points’ and moments of madness

The Clown: An Archetypal Self-Journey

The clown is a historical character with transcultural and transpersonal significance. The clown’s costume, make-up, and antics can be viewed as expressions from a deep archetypal space. As an archetype, the Clown, as an expression of the Trickster, carries and expresses bipolar energies of silliness/seriousness, play/work, hidden/known, creating/destroying, and order/disorder. Culturally and personally the clown serves many functions. One of his functions is as a carrier of the transcendent function facilitating an Ego-Self axis.
key words active imagination, archetype, Clown, Ego-Self axis, the Fool, Freud, humor, Jester, C. G. Jung, King Lear, laughter, play, Self, Shakespeare, tarot, transcendent function, Trickster

History of Consciousness: The Incarnation and Emergence of The Divine Feminine.

Excerpt rom Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson, Dancing in The Flames: The Dark Goddess in The Transformation of Consciousness FROM GREAT MOTHER TO GODDESS ABOUT FIVE YEARS AGO I was sitting in my sun room reading the morning paper. A sense of excitement grew as I read an article on the dedication of a temple … Continue reading History of Consciousness: The Incarnation and Emergence of The Divine Feminine.

Ancient Shamanism: Looking at Illness as Initiation.

Every dark thing one falls into can be called an initia­tion.Marie Louise Von Franz, Psychotherapy I have felt compelled to share information on an ancient practice known as shamanism, because I recognize the symptoms of this calling in our collective society. As a society, we are dealing with a pandemic that we cannot cure with … Continue reading Ancient Shamanism: Looking at Illness as Initiation.

The Black Madonna — Intro

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m posting this video clip about the Black Madonna ( whom I affectionately call, Big Mama) because she’s been showing up in people’s dreams, in people’s consciousness, in encounters such as Marion Woodman talks about in this clip, and even in media like the movie/book “The Shack.” “Although she takes many forms, … Continue reading The Black Madonna — Intro