This is a list of symbols that I have been compiling for use in understanding my dreams. Although, I recognize that dreams books are more likely to mislead us than help because the dream must be interpreted with the individual situation accounted for— I still find some of the archetypal symbolism that I’ve found in some of the Jungian material. This information is not only helpful in dreams, but also in looking at events in our culture, and things that cross our path in order to give us messages. The soul is always communicating to us. As Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman says, the language of the Soul is metaphor— I think it’s important to look at what the Soul, which is the eternal part of us is trying to tell us.

This is a work in progress. I will update and add to it as my energy permits. There are no absolutes in this line of work. So, there are a number of things that each symbol could mean… you have to use your intuition and your inner technology to decide what is true. We call this gnosis it’s an inner knowing that comes from the inside. That’s the way we get to Truth. We follow the inner knowing, rather than following blindly to whatever others present as truth. Take the Bible for instance, how many people disagree? I can’t even always agree with myself when interpreting the Bible, my dreams, or even situations. It’s ok to not know… but at least if we hold the question without looking for quick answers and quick fixes…. we can trust that the true answer will reveal itself in its right time. We can know the true answer by that Spirit of Truth that we all have that comes directly from the core of our being… the Source of all that is… that which we call God. Yes. God still speaks. Divine revelation is not reserved for only the priest or pastor… Personal Divine revelation and communication is your birthright. Apart of this comes when we are looking for an answer or direction and we have a ton of options and nothing seems right. Then all of a sudden something comes up and it’s like “Snap,” “that’s it!” “That means something to me.” “That feels right.” Go with that one. That is the Spirit of truth. Sometimes things come up that I don’t like… it feels wrong or I don’t understand. It could be that I don’t understand… and I hold that without acting on it until I do. Then other times… I don’t like something because I’m closed off and stuck in old ideas. That’s unusually the ego trying to control by thinking it knows everything. It’s scary not to know. It’s scary to change, and realizing that the worldview that allowed you to believe that you are in control is now opening up to a greater world that you don’t know… that can leave you flailing. But if we can learn to remain open… and hold the tension between the opposites… something new can be born. The world where it isn’t about control, but it is about Love. That is my inner knowing that helps me hold the tension in my life. I always go back to the knowing that the universe is held together by Love.

Much of the information has been taken from Marie Louise Von Franz, Marion Woodman, Robert Bly, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Robert A Johnson, and other Jungian analysts. I’m trying to add all the references, and I will get to that… but this began as a personal list in my notes app. It got too confusing and long, and that is why I have decided to find a program to put it in alphabetically. I didn’t find one, but I found one that is connected to this website. So, I thought I would share this with you all. So read this as if you are borrowing some notes for our class together. I am a student just like you. This isn’t an exhaustive list… and I cannot include everything. I will update things as I get more information and as I have time. Some of the topics I have put a small amount of information on a big symbol, and that means that I haven’t gotten to it yet and I need to be reminded to add to it.

I hope you find my notes for our earth school together helpful.

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