History of Consciousness: The Incarnation and Emergence of The Divine Feminine.

Excerpt rom Marion Woodman & Elinor Dickson, Dancing in The Flames: The Dark Goddess in The Transformation of Consciousness FROM GREAT MOTHER TO GODDESS ABOUT FIVE YEARS AGO I was sitting in my sun room reading the morning paper. A sense of excitement grew as I read an article on the dedication of a temple … Continue reading History of Consciousness: The Incarnation and Emergence of The Divine Feminine.

Ancient Shamanism: Looking at Illness as Initiation.

Every dark thing one falls into can be called an initia­tion.Marie Louise Von Franz, Psychotherapy I have felt compelled to share information on an ancient practice known as shamanism, because I recognize the symptoms of this calling in our collective society. As a society, we are dealing with a pandemic that we cannot cure with … Continue reading Ancient Shamanism: Looking at Illness as Initiation.

The Black Madonna — Intro

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m posting this video clip about the Black Madonna ( whom I affectionately call, Big Mama) because she’s been showing up in people’s dreams, in people’s consciousness, in encounters such as Marion Woodman talks about in this clip, and even in media like the movie/book “The Shack.” “Although she takes many forms, … Continue reading The Black Madonna — Intro

The maiden King

I’ve returned to this book over and over again. This book was what introduced me to the Baba Yaga, the nature goddess, who lives in a hut that spins around dancing on a chicken leg. She is the dark side of The Good Mother. She does not tolerate anything inauthentic, she will gobble you up. … Continue reading The maiden King

The Crone

Excerpt from an interview with Marion Woodman - Conscious Femininity The feminine in many guides like the Black Madonna and the Crone is erupting in individuals.... The Crone ...I want to say one other thing about the feminine because the feminine always comes in threes: mythologically there are the three graces, the three Norns, the … Continue reading The Crone

Paradox of The Unfolding Soul

“Its all about allowing space to be moved by that which is unknown.” Taking time to nurture the soul through creativity allows for an experience of “unfolding”; becoming the freedom, shaking loose the notion of inadequacy; releasing energy through expression of color, movement of limbs, intuitive poetry or writing with no apology or inhibition that … Continue reading Paradox of The Unfolding Soul

Conscious Femininity

Excerpt: Marion Woodman   Creativity is divine! To me it is the virgin soul opening to spirit and creating the divine child. You cannot live without it. That's the meaning of life, that creative fire.      The child picks up that unspoken yearning, that unlived life, and the compulsive repetitiveness that expresses and escalates denial. … Continue reading Conscious Femininity