Video of object in the sky taken from our Ranch in New Mexico. March 27,2020.
Timelapse flying objects in sky
Encounter at the border
Sharing some food with a messenger
October 1, 2018 I left the GoPro running on Timelapse at the Ranch in New Mexico and then we left for the night and locked the gate. When I checked the footage I noticed there was some very strange activity that happened while we were gone. There seems to be some type of portal or something neat the garage. Also toward the end of the video if you look at the sky you will notice something in the sky that stays just out of view, but you can still see the light emanating from it.
I changed the coloring of the October 1, 2018 video for different perspective

At the Great Lakes we captured what looks like some sort of thunderbird
Strange night in Horseshoe lake, Az
Different camera at horseshoe lake,Az
This was the last night when Jenni had seizures in October 2019. That day the car wouldn’t start she got out and then it started right up. That evening she had seizures for 12 hours straight. I had a feeling that there was something more to what was going on with her than a medical problem. I put a camera out the window while she was having the seizures and I captured a lot of activity in the sky at the ranch.
P and the donkey.
Phenomenon at the Ranch
Captured this object in New Mexico Sky